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Seeing Red

by | 24th, September 2003

‘IT has taken a heavyweight British hero like Frank Bruno to knock the Beckhams off the front pages, where they started the week.

‘Sorry – the face is familiar, but I’ve forgotten your name’

But like a bad penny (or a retired boxer), the Beckhams are back where they belong this morning with the Sun offering a picture exclusive of the couple’s reunion at a private Madrid airport after six days apart.

An onlooker tells the paper that he could see no signs of the supposed rift in the couple’s marriage.

‘David was smiling as he gave Victoria a big hug and a kiss,’ he says (from the bushes where he was hiding). ‘They certainly didn’t look like a couple with problems.’

But one couple who do have problems are the Bests, with the Express relaying the news that 31-year-old Alex Best has finally called time on her eight-year marriage to soccer legend George.

‘But there was an unexpected sting in the tail,’ says the paper. ‘She is making a warts-and-all documentary about their troubles.’

In a Channel 4 documentary, she will be interviewed about recent events in her life, ‘including revelations of his affair with mother-of-two Gina Devivo and his claims that she slept with singer Mick Hucknall’.

Alex’s lawyer said the split was not necessarily irreversible, but would require an awful lot of work on George’s part.

The drinking and the affairs she can forgive, but how can anyone recover from being accused of shagging that ginger bogbrush of a Simply Red crooner.’

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