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Short Teather

by | 24th, September 2003

‘WE are lowering our political standards. It’s an opinion illustrated by the Telegraph’s news that Sarah Teather, the newest and youngest member of the Commons at just 29 years of age, is barely 4ft 11in tall.

Proving that small isn’t always beautiful

Those who wanted to see the new MP for Brent East in the flesh descended on Brighton yesterday where she was giving her speech to the assembled Liberal Democrat believers.

To cries of ‘We love you, Sarah!’, ‘Stand up!’ and ‘Not in My Name’ (which is usually Nigel, Roger or Brian), the tyro took to the stand – and placed her nose close to party leader Charles Kennedy’s well-padded seat of power.

‘Charles came to the constituency so often we thought he might have to pay council tax,’ said she.

That was a joke. Of course he didn’t, since only local resident Ken Livingstone, weirdos and Tories pay council tax.

‘We won in Brent from third place with less than 11 per cent of the vote. I know if we can win there, we can win anywhere.’

Does anyone else feel a song coming on? Thankfully, no-one else did.

Instead, by way of celebration, the bearded mob stood up, waved their yellow Lib Dem sings and rubbed their facial hair in an interesting manner.

This is clearly a party with real swing, and interesting homemade cakes…’

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