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Tongue Tide

by | 25th, September 2003

‘TONGUE was on the menu at Clarence House last night as Jamie Oliver took his rag-tag bag of trainee chefs to cook for Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles.

Jamie accidentally flash fries his own tongue

The Telegraph has a lovely picture of Camilla talking to Jamie over a glass of wine.

She’s doubtless complimenting him on his tongue, and the generous portions thereof. Jamie is telling her its history, its life story.

Since all the food at the feast was totally organic, he’ll most probably be able to tell her what kind of life the radish in her appetiser had and if the raspberry on her meringue was despatched in a humane manner.

It’s the kind of getting-to-know-your-food conversation many of us commoners will soon be having with the contents of our fridge should Genetically Modified (GM) crops take hold.

You’d suppose that talking veg would be a hit with Prince Charles, who lists among his closest advisors Peter The Begonia and Camilla The Poison Ivy (one for you there, Your Majesty).

But he’s against it, as are 98% of us. As the Times says, only 2% of the 37,000 people who responded to a questionnaire about GM food said they’d eat the stuff.

Other key findings are that 95% of respondents are worried about the risk of contamination of non-GM cops; 93% say they do not know enough about the long-term health effects of the stuff; and 85% thought the so-called Frankenstein Foods would benefit the producers and not the public.

A further 81% were too busy tucking in to their glow-in-the-dark peas to answer.’

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