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by | 25th, September 2003

‘GREAT news for commuters. The Independent has been listening to Peter Field, the new rail director at Transport for London, and his hopes that within a decade over-crowding on London’s trains will be at “third world levels”.

The 9.15 to Mogadishu

It’s encouraging news for Londoners who have long hoped for such improvements.

But nothing happens overnight, and the full benefits will, as Mr Field says, not be felt before the decade is out.

And things will not stop there. Mr Field believes things can get even better and says that, with a £15bn spending programme, we can take our trains into the second world, and, who knows, perhaps even the first.

And this is good news for many of us, not just Londoners, since seven out of ten rail journeys begin or end in London.

Of the other three, two are outside Ipswich and one has stopped on the platform at Birmingham New Street

But to the bright and rosy future. The only problem is where to find that pesky £15bn.

There’s the private sector, but the fat cats will most likely want something back. Or there is the public, those customers the rail service carries to and fro.

Even that might not be enough, so it looks like it’s up to the buskers. Come on, guys, play up and play the game. And check down the back of the seats while you’re at it…’

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