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Veni, vidi, aesculus hippocastanumci

by | 26th, September 2003

‘IT’S not just soldiers and scientists looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Hans Blix displays shocking new find

The Times says that the hunt is very much on to find the right sort of conker for this year’s World Conker Championships on October 12th.

Not only are there too few conkers but what are around are too small and too soft. They are, to paraphrase the rail industry line, the wrong type of conkers.

Event organiser John Hardman is now stepping up his search. He needs at least 3,000 conkers, from which he will then select 1,500 prize specimens.

And this hunt has sparked a trade in the horse chestnut fruits. According to the paper, conkers are being offered for sale on the Internet at a rate of £4.50 for 15.

For more information go to, or visit a tree…’

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