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Relight My Fire

by | 26th, September 2003

‘THE Beckhams’ sex life might be as dry as a martini at the Sahara Hilton during a Vermouth drought, but not everyone is struggling to get their end away.

Perving at glow worms will make you go blind

In fact, every night is birthday night for a colony of nine glow worms after councillors in Higher Poynton in Cheshire turned down the brightness of the street lights.

The Express says the creatures, thought to be one of only 1,250 families left in Britain, were in danger of extinction because of the bright lights.

“The glare made their glow virtually invisible, so males were no longer attracted to their wives’ shimmering backsides,” it says.

The parish council paid £100 to fit special masks over the lights and the worms are now said to be as happy as larry.

Glow worms live for about two years, but only two months of those as adults. They have to mate during that time or risk dying out as a species.

But with the lure of the bright lights, it has been getting harder and harder to schedule in nooky time and the worms are becoming increasingly rare.

Beckhams, take note.’

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