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Old Stagers

by | 26th, September 2003

‘COME some time in the future we will bemoan the absence of the stars of yesteryear. Where are the Monkhouses, the Tarbucks, the Forsyths? Bring back Cilla Black.

Putting the Des in desire

But by then, maybe, we will have moved on from schmultzy cabaret fare into some new adventure in television. Maybe.

For now the debate can wait while Des O’Connor and his showbiz pals continue to dance their way through the TV schedules with too much white teeth and leathery skin.

Tonight, and for one night only, the man whose last decent joke died with Eric Morecambe appears on ITV in interview with Ricky Gervais.

Those who only know Mr Gervais from The Office might expect that he is a one trick pony. He’s not. He has a brain that is sharper and funnier that O’Connor’s. Seeing the pair together is like watching a community service visit.

O’Connor’s attempts at the Gervais style of humour are dire. This, of course, makes them worth a look, since so much of today’s TV is about laughing at people.

But Des is getting on a bit so don’t be too hard on him – unless he mentions his records, Freddie Starr or Eric and Ernie for the umpteenth time…’

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