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Infamy, Infamy

by | 26th, September 2003

‘IT must have been some kind of guarded ‘sorry’ for his team’s behaviour last Sunday by Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger because only one paper seems to have heard it.

Wenger shows his players what to do next time they are upset by someone cheating

But even the Mirror says the apology, after 52 red cards and 148 match bans during his seven years in charge, was just the precursor to a declaration of war on the FA.

“I back aggro six all the way” aren’t the exact words of the Highbury boss, but that is the Star’s interpretation of what he said.

He is to ask the FA for personal hearings for the six players who have been charged after what is now becoming known as the Battle of Old Trafford.

Of course, that might be a tactic to stagger any bans the players might receive rather than a belief in their innocence, but with the myopic Wenger it is hard to tell.

In the Mail, Wenger seems to be claiming that Sky were the real culprits for screening the brawl.

“It is a Sky trial,” said the increasingly absurd Wenger. “There is one guy in a lorry who decides whether to show something again or not. It’s not the FA.”

Over in the Sun, Wenger has widened his attack to include the whole of England.

“We should not have reacted like we did, but I find the sensitivity of this country very selective,” he said.

“Suddenly, the whole of England is so shocked as if there is never any violence in your society. I find that surprising.”

Of course, Wenger is an expert on selectivity, managing to see with 20-20 vision any offence to his side and his eyesight so often failing him when the boot is literally on the other foot.

And his argument is ridiculous anyway – just because everyone has sex doesn’t mean the odd eyebrow wouldn’t be raised if Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles had a quick knee-trembler during the Last Night Of The Proms.’

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