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Sword Play

by | 27th, September 2003

‘IF Lord Byron were alive today, he would never be off the front page of the tabloid papers. While the Daily Mail and Express would grow ever more outraged by his behaviour, the red-tops would delight in recording his latest conquest.

Mad, bad and dangerous to know

And conquests there were aplenty for the man famously described by Lady Caroline Lamb as “mad, bad and dangerous to know”.

Over two nights this weekend, the BBC presents a dramatised version of the romantic poet’s short but very full life, with Johnny Lee Miller taking the lead role. As the former Mr Angelina Jolie, one imagines that he knows a fair bit about the mad and the bad.

For the more literary tastes, there is a discussion of Byron’s work after Saturday’s first part; for the rest, there is plenty of sex on show in what is being billed as the most risqué production ever to have been broadcast by the BBC.

Watch – and the antics of the likes of Jordan, Gary Lucy, John Leslie and those other tabloid lotharios seem pathetic in comparison.’

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