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by | 28th, September 2003

‘WE are loath to give any more coverage to Madonna’s snog with Britney Spears at the MTV Video Music Awards because it will only encourage others to follow suit.

‘Has anyone noticed yet?’

Before long, Victoria Beckham will be locking lips with Kym Marsh at the Smash Hits Awards, Jessie Wallace will be sticking her tongue down Jennifer Ellison’s throat at the TV Quick Awards and Ann Widdecombe and Margaret Becket will start making out at the Parliamentarian Of The Year Awards.

But we revert momentarily to the headline-grabbing moment only because the National Enquirer informs us that it has ‘put the spotlight on Hollywood’s infatuation with lesbians’.

In other words, it allows the Enquirer to cast a leery eye over recent instances of girl-on-girl action to make it to the screen.

The first Sapphic snog on American TV was in 1991 when LA Law’s Amanda Donohoe and Michele Greene shared a kiss and a cuddle.

Since then, others have realised that the easiest way to attract the attention of a male-dominated media is to slip on a pair of comfortable shoes.

Ally McBeal, Buffy The Vampire, ER and Friends have all featured lesbian clinches in the past couple of years.

But it’s not just male viewers (and magazine editors) who love this new trend; real-life lesbians are also applauding the exposure.

Columnist Christine Champagne says: ‘Madonna’s kiss with Britney is definitely the best thing that could have happened to us.

‘A lot of people may have written it off as a publicity stunt, but I saw it as a positive expression of sexuality between women.’

Bobbi Brandy, of Oxfame (an organisation set up to help publicity-starved stars) was also supportive.

‘A lot of people may have written it off as an expression of sexuality between women, but I saw it as a publicity stunt,’ she said.

‘When people see a big star like Madonna kissing another woman, they become more comfortable with such shameless displays of showing off.”

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