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A Tall Order

by | 28th, September 2003

‘ANOTHER couple who have slipped off the cover of the National Enquirer in recent weeks is Demi Moore and toyboy Ashton Kutcher.

‘You’re tall enough to be my son’

But don’t read anything into that apart from the fact that the magazine now has other fish to fry.

Indeed, we catch up with the couple on a visit to Las Vegas to watch the big fight between Oscar De La Hoya and Sugar Shane Mosley.

And we can reveal that it is not just a 15-year age difference that separates the couple, but also a 10-inch height difference.

Even after her expensive refurb, Demi is only 5ft 5in, while Ashton is a whopping 6ft 3in.

But the couple cope with the massive difference by employing various ruses. For example, she occasionally wears high heels to reach up to kiss him and he will often bend over to kiss her.

‘Sceptics said the height difference would be too much for the couple, but here they are three months later and they’re still together,’ a source said.

‘Mind you, Ashton’s back has been playing up recently and Demi’s got terrible bunions.”

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