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Falling Idols

by | 29th, September 2003

‘PEERING into the closets of the Pop Idol hopefuls has revealed some interesting things.

The knives are out for Dillon

Last year’s winner Will Young was actually found in his own closet, only coming out once he’d won the contest.

Gareth Gates wanted to keep the doors on his closet firmly shut but, what with the enormous chest of the woman inside, they kept popping open. Eventually, Jordan burst forth and told all.

But Marc Dillon, a contestant in this year’s TV talent show, tops that with his effort to put a genuine skeleton in his closet, or at least a partly decomposed corpse.

The Express says that a few years back lovable Marc spent 12 months in jail for his part in a mugging. Marc and two pals attacked one Terry Kiernan.

Their victim was stabbed and robbed. With the man badly injured in the street, the happy trio went to his house and ransacked it.

Now Mark is seen in tears – not because he’s a nasty piece of work, but because we the public voted for him to be one of the finalists in this year’s TV extravaganza.

He is extremely happy. And he’s keen to say that he no longer has time for violence and knives – unless, of course, the Clued-Up Posse comes over for tea…’

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