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Sophie’s Choice

by | 29th, September 2003

‘AT times like this, we in Anorak Towers like to argue about Big Brother contestants past.

If you know this woman, keep it to yourself

Problem is we can never remember their names. There was that bald girl in series one, and the other on with the blonde hair who looked like an emasculated pug dog.

We do know the name Jade Goody, and have seen that Kate Lawler has gone on prove that, whether adlibbing or working to a script, she is every bit as talented as Craig the Scouser, who was on the verge of drowning in his own saliva.

And we today get a gentle reminder about two others who came, saw and went all too quickly. Today OK! gives us Lee Davey and Sophie, er, Davey.

Yes, this pair actually got married after meeting on the reality TV show. And here they are celebrating their honeymoon in the splendour of Cyprus.

“We didn’t want our wedding day to end,” says Sophie, who despite the countless photographs fails to jog any kind of memory as to who she is in all but the most ardent Big Brother watcher.

Lucky that Lee is “essentially a very private person”, given that fame has not come tapping on his door, although he does confess to struggling with getting recognised in the street.

All Lee’s neighbours know who he is, and the postman even knows where he lives, as does the paper boy and the stalker who deliver his milk.

The rest of us only know that he is the man who loves Sophie. And that’s enough for him – and enough from them.’

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