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by | 30th, September 2003

‘CHILDREN of pop stars of yesteryear have it far from easy.

Stella gives herself a well-deserved standing ovation

It’s not the fault of stunning models like Mick Jagger’s daughter Elizabeth and Ronnie Wood’s offspring Leah that they have inherited their fathers’ good looks.

Even if dad had not been famous these girls would have made it in the fashion world – sure as eggs is eggs and Stella McCartney is a top fashion designer.

But dissenters are always there, backbiting and ready with accusations of nepotism. And that brings us to Jeff Banks, who is calling Stella’s designs “amateurish” in the Mail.

“She is successful anyway, not necessarily because of her aptitude as a designer,” says the former presenter of the BBC’s The Clothes Show and designer-in-chief of Sainsbury’s stylish Drudge range.

“Had it not been for having a very rich father, would she be getting all this praise?” asks Banks. ”I very much doubt it.”

As a friend of Stella’s says, it’s all terribly “not fair” to say that Stella is dependent on her internationally famous father for her success.

It’s like saying Kelly Osbourne is an untalented lump who wouldn’t have sung karaoke, let alone released a single, had her dad not been an old rocker.

Or that hugely talented Julian Lennon wouldn’t have released singles if his surname had been different.

Or that George Dubya Bush wouldn’t have been lead singer of the world had his dad not gone before him. Or that…’

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