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Taking The Biscuit

by | 30th, September 2003

‘IT has long been our belief that the only reason why middle managers in large organisations delight in having meeting after meeting is the coffee and biscuits.

Costing Britain millions of pounds a day

What better way to refuel than by tucking into the custard creams while Nigel from Accounts schedules another meeting that afternoon to prepare for tomorrow’s meeting?

But it is expensive, with the Times reporting on the case of Kettering General Hospital where staff have been munching their way through £50,000 of snacks a year.

No longer. The Trust, which has debts of £1.8m, has declared a ban on all complimentary food, thereby prompting the obvious headline, “Belt-Tightening Takes The Biscuit”.

Chief executive Geraint Martin tells the paper: “I appreciate that this will appear to some as an extreme measure, but the financial position is such that savings have to be realised in order to meet our statutory financial obligations.”

It is thought that the knock-on effect in increased efficiency for the biscuit ban could run into seven figures as middle managers are forced to do some work instead of sitting around prattling on about nothing.’

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