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by | 1st, October 2003

‘WE are not alone in knowing that a goldfish has a memory of just three seconds.

‘Damn. I’ve forgotten how to tell the time again’

And for anyone who has wondered how scientists discovered that gem of trivia, there is an answer in today’s Express.

And it’s that a goldfish says so. It’s true. Dr Phil Gee, a psychologist at Plymouth University, says that goldfish are bright enough to tell the time.

Like many small birds and mammals, the slippery little creatures are able to learn.

Sadly, in light of the film Finding Nemo, the first thing a goldfish will learn is what happens when your best pal flushes you down the toilet.

Having seen the movie, the Express reports that hundreds of American children have tried to ‘free their fish’ by sending them the way of so many turds.

Americans have also tried to liberate goldfish by killing all predators who fail to sign a non-aggression pact and invading Iraq.’

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