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Monroe Doctrine

by | 1st, October 2003

‘IN four decades time, will they still be showing programmes entitled “Who Killed Princess Diana?”, “What Happened To Iraq’s Weapons Of Mass Destruction?” and “Is Osama Bin Laden Really Lord Lucan?”?

Did she jump or was she pushed?

Or will they have got bored with our generation’s conspiracy theories and be poring over ones we can only imagine today?

Tonight, Five (the channel formerly known as Channel 5) promises to reveal who killed Marilyn Monroe – or at least rake over some of the myriad theories that have surrounded the Hollywood icon’s death in 1962.

One such theory suggests that a CIA agent administered barbiturates to the blonde bombshell via an enema; others have her murdered by the Mob, by the Commies or even by her own shrink.

If you haven’t got an alibi for August 5 of that year, we suggest you fabricate one petty quickly – the list of suspects is so long that it’s only a matter of time before your name crops up.’

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