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The Fatted Calf

by | 1st, October 2003

”THE chance to wear lederhosen is the right of every German man, and in Scotland the right to wear the kilt is the right of every Scot.’

It’s a noble ideal, as stated by Herbert Lipah, a German lederhosen trader who sells calf implants to make his customers’ legs look more manly.

The implants, which are worn inside socks, and come in a range of sizes, are proving to be popular with Scotsmen.

Apparently kilt wearers and lederhosen wearers both worry about how their legs will look in the traditional gear, and padding allows a whole new bunch of people to embrace the clothing of their ancestors without embarrassing remarks like ‘squirrel legs’ and ‘stick insect’.

‘It’s impossible to tell the difference,’ says Herbert. ‘It looks just like a well developed, muscular leg should do and is totally seamless.”

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