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Happiness Is…

by | 2nd, October 2003

‘LIES, lust and laziness – those are the three Ls that lie at the heart of a happy life, according to novelist and bon viveur John Mortimer.

Read it – and weep (with joy)

But in our quest for a more scientific route to perfect contentment, we turn to the Mail which reports on research by a panel of psychologists and sociologists.

And they confirm what we at Anorak Towers could have told you, namely ‘that being supremely clever, filthy rich and drop-dead gorgeous are grossly overrated’.

In fact, after extensive research, to that list we can add ‘sublimely witty’, ‘fantastic in bed’ and ‘with the body of a Greek god’.

The secret to true happiness is possessing the right genes, says the report in the New Scientist magazine, with some people just born happy.

If you’re born a miserable bastard, don’t despair – some people are born happy, but others can marry happiness.

Much to the delight of the Mail, studies apparently show that married people are happier than people who are single. Living together does not have the same effect.

If you’re born a miserable and ugly bastard (and can’t find anyone willing to walk down the aisle with you), all is not lost.

Third on the list of reasons to be cheerful is having an extended family.

If you’re born a miserable and ugly bastard and an orphan, forget it – some people are just not meant to be happy.’

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