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Lip Service

by | 2nd, October 2003

‘REGULAR readers will know the interest with which we at Anorak have followed the career of Lucy Pinder from the moment she was discovered on Bournemouth beach.

Lucy is never knowingly overdressed

You will recall how 19-year-old Lucy with the FF chest sacrificed a place at college where she was to study English literature to pursue a career as a mo-del.

And you will know how we said at the time that the literary world’s loss was our gain as Lucy posed in the Star in a series of ever more revealing outfits.

Summer may be over, but our Lucy is happy to cock a snook at the autumnal temperatures by turning out again this morning on the front page of the Star in only a bikini (and, for some reason we have not yet been able to fathom, a stetson).

Perhaps the hat is in homage to Madonna, especially so as when we catch up with Lucy in the inside pages we see that she too has jumped on the girlie snogging craze.

Lucy locked lips with fellow Star mo-del Nicola McLean at the Bad Boys 2 party last night, coincidentally at just the time a Star photographer was taking her picture.

‘It’s the new trend for female celebs,’ the Star tells its readers. ‘Forget a peck on the cheek – now it’s cool to smooch.’

We look forward to watching this new trend pan out – yesterday it was Madonna and Britney, today it is Lucy and Nicola, who will it be tomorrow?

We’re offering even money on Cherie Blair and Laura Bush doing tongues before the year’s out.

Freedom kissing, as they call it in the great US of A.’

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