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Sauce For The Goose

by | 2nd, October 2003

‘“CHILD, 2, survives 19 days on ketchup and pasta” announces the Independent. To which the response of most of us will be: “Yeah? So?”

Take two of these three times a day, normally after meals

When Anorak’s staff were growing up, we survived for years on a diet of ketchup and fish fingers. Indeed, sometimes a ketchup sandwich was all we had.

But apparently this child, who is two years old, was admitted to a Florida hospital suffering from malnutrition after eating nothing but tomato ketchup, mustard and macaroni.

Closer investigation reveals that the child was left to fend for itself, and the macaroni was dry. This is admittedly a very nasty thing.

We are pleased to say that soon after her admission to hospital, the girl ate four pieces of chicken, a cheeseburger, mashed potatoes, cereal and two pints of milk.

Within six months she should be up to normal weight for an American child of her age – somewhere between 15 and 20 stone.’

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