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Gone For A Burton

by | 2nd, October 2003

‘TONY Blair is alive and well and living in a remote part of France with his six children, wife and a few ducks.

John Burton Race

He’s calling himself John Burton Race, a two-star Michelin chef. But that simple name change won’t fool us. The posturing, preening and the man’s unwavering desire to be seen as a “good guy” (his words) all point to his being our beloved leader.

As such, French Leave (Channel 4, 8:30pm), the TV show that has tracked Tony and his kin down, should be required viewing.

Tonight, Tony’s mother-in-law comes to stay, bringing with her all manner of delicious junk food. Tony is not happy, preferring more traditional Blair fare, like polenta and duck terrine, and wafers.

Of course, it is not really Tone. Our Tone is no friend of the French – if he were to take a year off he’d most likely go to Tuscany and “crash” for free at a “mate’s pad” (once more, his words).

Which makes us wonder who this John chap is. Perhaps Tony’s learnt something from his dealing with Saddam Hussein after all and got himself a double. And we don’t mean Cliff Richard…’

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