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Sand Castles In The Air

by | 3rd, October 2003

‘AFTER three months of inspections and a cost of £200m, the inspectors charged with tracking down Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction have found nothing.

Inspectors found enough weapons-grade potatoes to load several spud guns

Well, they’ve found a lot of sand, some of which could admittedly be thrown into the eyes of any hostile force.

But, says the Mail, they have not found a single nuclear, chemical or biological weapon, never mind one that could be deployed at 45 minutes notice.

All of which comes as a blow to Tony Blair’s already tarnished credibility, particularly as he has always claimed he would be vindicated in the long run.

It also comes as a blow to the Sun, which was Blair’s loudest cheerleader in the headlong rush to military action.

Or it would come as a blow had the Sun read the same report as the other papers.

Instead, it tells its readers how the “shocking” report suggests Saddam Hussein “was secretly planning to build nuclear weapons”.

And, it claims, inspectors also discovered Saddam “planned to secretly buy rockets that could hit British bases in the Med”.

He also no doubt secretly dreamt of taking over the world and installing himself as The Supreme Being – but unfortunately we could find no evidence that he actually had the capacity to do so.

Just a lot of sand…’

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