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Dirty Minds

by | 3rd, October 2003

‘ANOTHER type of story that appears with monotonous regularity is the latest scientific ‘proof’ that men are different to women.

‘Have you seen the remote control?’

This has the added bonus of allowing the paper’s columnists to offer their own deliciously chucklesome opinions on the matter, and to share hilarious insights from their own domestic lives.

So prepare for an avalanche of this stuff following the Telegraph’s report that ‘men’s brains are programmed to ignore dust’.

Michael Guerian, described as ‘a social scientist and author’, says that, as well as men’s brains not noticing dust or ‘household mess’, they also need to shut off rather than relax through emotional conversation – ‘which is why he wants the remote control to flick through sport’.

Man also attaches less personal identity to the inside of a cave – sorry, home – and more to the workplace or garden.

Mr Guerin also claims that brain scans can ‘show whether a man and woman are truly in love’.

He says his book is aimed at women, and we here at Anorak are not surprised.

Our own scientific study has shown that the female brain differs from the male in one respect only: its amazing ability to credulously consume this sort of utter bollocks.’

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