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Spot The Difference

by | 6th, October 2003

‘WHILE Arnold Schwarzenegger is combing the papers for a woman he hasn’t groped, he will come across pictures of one he most certainly has.

‘No, I can check my own breasts – thank you very much, Mr Governor’

The Sun publishes the “sexiest ever” pictures of “telly sex kitten” Denise Van Outen dressed in not very much to highlight Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Of course, Arnie could claim that, when he fondled Ms Van Outen’s breasts during an appearance on The Big Breakfast a few years ago, he was just helping her check for lumps.

Alternatively, he could claim that it was a case of mistaken identity and he was really trying to do what most of Britain had done already and get his hands on Ulrika Jonsson.

The Mirror claims “it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell Ulrika Jonsson and Denise Van Outen apart”.

As evidence, it shows the two blondes on the beach, both dressed in black bikinis, both with their hair tied back in a ponytail and both with the same chunky sunglasses.

In fact, just about the only difference the Mirror can spot is that Ulrika “probably has a slight edge in the bust department”.

However, by way of confirmation we have asked a certain Austrian-born former Mr Universe to perform his own checks…’

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