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Turning The Air Blue

by | 6th, October 2003

‘THE best thing about the Frank Skinner show, which returns to our screens at 10.30 (ITV1) tonight, is that there is no David Baddiel. The worst thing is that, even after so many years, Frank thinks he can sing.

And that, children, is how coconuts were invented

But that aside, his interviews, normally with C-listers, are frequently amusing affairs and tonight’s guest – a certain shy, retiring Brighton belle by the name of Katie Price – promises to be no exception.

Skinner has in the past described Jordan – for it is she – as his ideal woman, although ideal for what we don’t know. Ideal as a crash mat no doubt or somewhere to park your bicycle, but surely nothing else.

Last time she was on the show, she told the nation far more about her sex life than any of us ever wanted to know – and we should expect her to do likewise tonight.

As for the show, the format’s pretty much the same as ever, although the sketches have gone to be replaced by a stand-up routine. Music comes from Blue. All rise…’

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