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Owen Stuffed

by | 6th, October 2003

‘NORMALLY, a week before an important England game, we are all invited to rub a cut-out of captain David Beckham’s foot/groin/thigh* (*delete as appropriate) to try to speed his recovery.

Will he or won’t he?

But this morning it is Michael Owen’s turn to hog the back pages as the papers fret over whether the Liverpool striker will be fit for Saturday’s clash with Turkey.

The Star senses bad news, telling its readers unequivocally: “Owen Won’t Make It.”

But a second opinion is available in the Sun, whose headline, “Owen Goin’” suggests that the “injured star will be ready for Turks”.

No doubt the truth is somewhere in the middle, with both the Mail and the Express quoting official reports that he has a 50-50 chance of recovering from a calf injury sustained in Liverpool’s 2-1 defeat to Arsenal.

Also going to Turkey, according to the Express, is Kieron Dyer, despite being caught up in the gang rape case that has cast a pall over English football.

Dyer was yesterday named as the person whop booked the hotel room where the attack is alleged to have taken place, even though he strenuously denies that he was in any way involved.

Also going will be Paul Scholes, who returned for Manchester United in their 3-0 defeat of Birmingham and was, says the Mirror, the star turn.

Brum manager Steve Bruce poured praise on the midfielder, saying: “I cannot pay Paul a bigger compliment than to say that he is the most complete player in the country – the best bar none.”

Meanwhile, the normal war of words has started ahead of the rugby world cup, with the Springboks claiming that England skipper Martin Johnson is one of the dirtiest captains in the game.

But it’s not just the opposition that need worry about Johnson, his team-mate Ben Kay vividly recalls his fellow lock stamping on his face and hitting him while he was on the same side.

“Now I have come to the conclusion where Jonno is concerned – his problem is he is just plain clumsy,” Kay tells the Sun.

An interesting point of view, but one the opposition are unlikely to buy.’

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