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Not The Beckhams

by | 6th, October 2003

‘EVERY time Louise Redknapp is interviewed on one of her many doomed attempts to relaunch a career as a solo singer, she is at pains to stress that she and husband Jamie are nothing like the Beckhams.

‘Who does this remind you of?’

They’re not as rich as the Beckhams, they’re not as famous as the Beckhams, Jamie’s not as good at football as David Beckham…

The list of the differences between the two couples goes on and on – but there are also certain similarities.

Chief among them is the fact that both Louise and Victoria are desperate to carve out a career as a solo singer, despite every indication from the British public that they’d prefer to buy condoms from Edward Scissorhands than one of their records.

‘Marrying Jamie has made me even more ambitious and more determined to succeed as a solo star,’ Louise tells OK!

Ambition is all very well but, if Louise had really wanted to succeed as a solo star, she would have followed Mariah Carey’s lead and married the boss of a record company.’

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