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Hitting The Right Note

by | 7th, October 2003

‘THERE used to be an advert for the Sun along the lines of ‘Where do they get their stories from?’

After she was evicted, Sarah was forced to sleep in the car

So consider this little tale from the paper’s Bizarre showbiz section.

Apparently, Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding faces eviction from her flat after a neighbour complained about her noisy romps with boyfriend Mikey Green.

The irate neighbour allegedly slipped a note under Sarah’s door in the posh North London block, demanding that the two keep the noise down.

“Hello, I’ve just moved in a few weeks ago and I’ve been woken up during the night by some female noises,” the note reads.

“I find it quite embarrassing to write but I have to ‘cos I can’t bear to hear it any more.

“Basically, if you are having sex the whole world doesn’t need to know about it. I don’t wish to hear it any more, nor do my visitors.”

So we ask, as did the paper’s advert, ‘Where do they get their stories from?’

Let’s think – the Sun has somehow managed to get hold of a note (if indeed – and it is a big if – the note is genuine) that was pushed into Sarah Harding’s room.

Both Sarah and Mikey get a page of free publicity in Britain’s best selling paper.

And, as the Sun reminds us, “both Sarah and Mikey are busy promoting their new singles”.

Hmm. This could be one for Sherlock Holmes…’

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