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Too Many Cooks?

by | 7th, October 2003

‘THE Telegraph brings a heartwarming story of a bunch of Welsh lads who have scrimped and saved for the holiday of a lifetime in Australia for the rugby “World Cup”.

Coach Steve Hansen realised he’d have to go right back to basics

They are a rough-and-ready bunch and, judging by the picture, none of them has a pair of shoes and several don’t even own a shirt.

In contrast to the well-heeled tourists and businessmen on five-star junkets, they will be staying in cut-price self-catering accommodation and buying their food at the local shop.

It’ll be a grand old trip for all concerned, and as a bonus, the boyos will be playing in the tournament too.

The Welsh squad’s decision to take the economical road was made by their coach Steve Hansen, and team manager Alan Phillips.

In a moment of admirable candour, Phillips admitted that his lads were just a bunch of no-hopers, so he had decided to treat them accordingly.

Of course, he didn’t put it in precisely those terms. He said that players were bored of hotel life and it was good for morale to do something different.

The players seem to have taken this on board. “The other night I cooked a chilli for the boys,” enthused Carl Sweeney.

“Some of the boys are already trying to outdo each other, talking about throwing themed parties, wearing weird clothes and stuff like that.”

Coach Hansen is happy too. “The competition is incredible, not only for places in the team, but in the kitchen too,” he beamed.

And Max Boyce agrees. “I think it’s a top idea,” says the professional leek-waver. “Making food for your team-mates is a great bonding exercise.”

Indeed so. And if all goes as expected, they’ll have a nice new wooden spoon to practise with.’

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