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Fools And Their Money

by | 8th, October 2003

‘THE Telegraph brings us a curious brace of photographs. In the first, Madonna sits in a leotard with her right leg wedged behind her neck.

‘And the big hand is pointing to the 12…’

In the second, Cherie Blair lies on a couch while female hands clasp her right foot.

The message? “‘Spiritual spending’ costs women £670m a year.” And that’s a lot of money, even by the standards of these two women.

But wait, the article goes on to explain that £670m is the total amount spent by all women.

It includes yoga, acupuncture, massage and other “alternative therapies and exercise regimes to help to combat the stress of modern life”.

According to one expert, yoga is no longer something that involves “being a vegetarian and eating a lot of tofu”.

Anorak’s investigation confirms this. Although vegetarians still indulge in the practice in large numbers, it attracts a growing number of meat-eating wankers too’

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