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Hale Sorm

by | 8th, October 2003

‘THERE is only a certain type of person who can come up with comments like ‘I designed it when I was in Agra last year with by best friend, Zubin Mehta’ and ‘I said to my third husband Prentis, ‘I don’t care if you get rid of all your other houses, as this is the one I love”.

Liza beats her stepmum to marriage No.4

But Denise Hale is not just that type of person, she is in fact the author of the two comments, as well as many others.

For instance, she tells Hello! how she moved to New York, armed only with a generous settlement from her first husband and knowing only one person there.

‘My ex-husband always said people only liked me because of his money,’ she says. ‘I was determined to prove that not only could I make friends, I could also keep them.’

This she did, collecting another couple of husbands on the way, first Vincente Minelli (Liza’s father) and then Prentis Cobb Hale, ‘the only true love I have ever known’, and propelling herself into the list of America’s 200 most powerful women.

Or at least, judging by Hello!’s reference to her ‘fabled brutally demanding standards’, one of America’s 200 most high maintenance women.

And that’s against some pretty stiff competition.’

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