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A High Old Time

by | 8th, October 2003

‘WE love artists, creative types, the kind of people who can say with a straight face: ‘Something wonderful must have happened. Somebody must have come with a magic wand and said: ‘Make this a pleasant couple of days’.’

The next governor of California

We would probably have just said something prosaic like: ‘Yeah, it was fun.’

But that (and our total inability to use a camera) explains why Arthur Elgort earns a fortune as a Vogue fashion photographer and we’re stuck in the basement of Anorak Towers working for peanuts. Literally.

And while we spend out days staring blankly at the walls still stained with the blood of the last member of staff to ask for a pay rise, Arthur points his camera at Cindy Crawford and Anna Kournikova as he shoots Omega’s latest advertising campaign.

And Hello! goes behind the scenes to give its readers ‘a fascinating glimpse of some of the world’s biggest stars at work and play’.

For also on the shoot was Brosnan, Pierce Brosnan, who ‘was in his element surrounded by beautiful women’.

‘He made it his business to go up to all the extras and asked me to take pictures of him with them – and the head watch-repairman,’ says Arthur.

‘He knows how to work a room – he could get the votes if he ever decided to run for governor of California!’

Well, if a sexually incontinent beefcake with a fondness for Adolf Hitler can get elected, then so could Grover out of Sesame Street.’

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