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Overpaid Turkeys

by | 9th, October 2003

‘FROM silhouettes we have moved on to pixilated faces as the identity of the Leeds United player accused of raping a 20-year-old girl is revealed to be none other than Jody Morris.

Turkey shoot

The Sun publishes a headshot of the 24-year-old with his face obscured for legal reasons after he spent a second day being quizzed by police.

Last night, both he and friend Kristofer Dickie were released on police bail after 33 hours in custody pending further inquiries.

But Morris’ arrest barely makes the front page of the rest of this morning’s papers, all of whom are incensed by the England players’ threatened boycott of Saturday’s game against Turkey.

“So Much For Pride In Your Country,” is the headline in the Mail, which accused England’s millionaire footballers of displaying “the true depths of their arrogance”.

The players only agreed to fly to Istanbul last night after making a show of solidarity with team-mate Rio Ferdinand, who was axed from the squad for failing to attend a drugs test.

But it is the self-justifying statement that they then released, in which they claimed that they had been let down by the FA, that really gets up the paper’s noses.

“Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?” asks the Mirror’s headline.

“With the avalanche of scandals engulfing our national game, it beggars belief that David Beckham and his team-mates would choose this week of all weeks to behave like a bunch of petulant prima donnas,” it says.

And to prove its point that they are “obscenely overpaid turkeys”, it publishes a list of what the 24 members of the England squad get paid a week.

The average weekly salary is £37,625, with Arsenal’s Sol Campbell earning the most at a grotesque £100,000 a week and Leicester’s Ian Walker the least at a miserly £15,000 a week.

As football lurches from one scandal to another, we can report that there was only one Premiership player in court yesterday.

Newcastle’s Titus Bramble turned up to court three hours late after missing his first date altogether, but still managed to get his conviction for driving at 102mph without a full licence quashed.

Bramble’s lawyer Ian Duckworth told Ipswich magistrates that his client “did not have a clue” that he was meant to be in court.

In light of recent events, we suggest that footballers should work on the assumption that they are due to appear in court every day unless told otherwise.

That would save us, them and the courts a lot of time and trouble.’

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