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On His Todd

by | 9th, October 2003

‘AFTER 33 years of The Street, the ‘love that dare not speak its name’ has finally reached Weatherfield.

Ena Sharples would be turning in her grave

Some unkind critics have suggested in the past that the likes of Roy Cropper and Norris Cole were rather too fond of show tunes but that’s between them and Judy Garland. This week though, Todd Grimshaw and Nick Platt had the first on-screen kiss.

According to scriptwriters, Todd’s struggle with his sexuality has been building up for the past two years (well, he did turn down Candice, the Weatherfield training ground), but others see it simply as a ratings ploy.

Todd had been feeling increasingly claustrophobic in the flat above the bookies with Sarah and Bethany and their mounting debts. He turned to Nick as a shoulder to cry on but, unfortunately for everyone, it wasn’t only Nick’s shoulder that Todd was interested in.

Nick had come round to keep Todd company while Sarah was out and, after a Bacardi Breezer too many, Todd made his move. “Big mistake, pal. BIG mistake,” shouted Nick before rushing off into the night.

To be fair to Todd though, with his lip gloss, fake tan and hair gel, after a couple of drinks it would have been easy enough for Todd to have mistaken Nick for a girl.

Nick didn’t see it quite like that though and told Sarah that her boyfriend was “gay”. At first Sarah refused to believe it, but Todd tearfully confessed that he “hadn’t meant it” and was “confused”.

“I thought yer loved me, but yer can’t!” sobbed Sarah Louise before scooping up Bethany and running out of the flat, leaving Todd crying in the street, clutching a stuffed bear that she’d dropped.

It’s not clear how this storyline is going to pan out, but one thing’s certain though – if Les Battersby gets to hear of what Todd’s been up to, Todd will be following in Hayley’s footsteps with some unscheduled gender-realignment.

Elsewhere in Weatherfield, Karen and Steve’s divorce came though – just in time for their engagement party, held (where else?) in The Rovers. No-one turned up, however, as a protest of how the couple had pretended to everyone that they were splitting up.

“We’ll show them,” fumed Karen to a long-suffering Steve. “We’ll put on the biggest wedding this street’s ever seen.” Which given Karen’s taste will involve borrowing a set from Footballers’ Wives.

Katy and Martin are still living in sin, not surprisingly ignored by their horrified families. But hot new contenders for Weatherfield’s vilest coupling are Bev and Kieran.

Kieran and Sunita had a falling out when he had to stand her up to do an extra shift at The Rovers. At closing time Kieran was helping Bev clear up when he decided to make his move.

After telling Bev that he and Sunita had split up, he turned on the ‘charm’. “Yer still a beautiful woman Bev,” he smarmed, “And I want yer!” he continued, before falling onto her chicken neck.

When Sunita suggested he be more considerate to others, I don’t think this is the sort of Help The Aged charity work she quite had in mind.’

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