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Peace In Our Term Time

by | 9th, October 2003

‘DON’T mention the war! Yes, it’s time for another story about the Germans, as it turns out that they are getting touchy about their history once again. Or rather OUR history.

‘I thought Theresa May said the Nazi party!’

They think we are obsessed with the Second World War, and the German education minister Edelgard Buhlmahn has complained that it is the only thing British children are taught about German history.

He is right of course, but he is ignoring one important thing: it’s also about the only thing they are taught about British history.

And while a few may come out with a vague idea about who Hitler was, the chances are that very few would recognise Churchill, let alone Neville Chamberlain or Clement Attlee.

The Times reports that Buhlmahn made his complaint in person to his opposite number Charles Clarke, and the encounter took place in the same hotel where Chamberlain and Hitler met in 1938.

Clarke was seen afterwards with a piece of paper in his hand. It might be time to think about reinforcing the garden shed.’

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