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by | 13th, October 2003

‘SAY what you like about Shadow Home Secretary Oliver Letwin – you might as well, given that he always says exactly what he likes too.

Tristan did a roaring trade selling the contents of his tuck box

Having upset the school near his home by dissing the state sector, he has now evened things up by having a pop at his own alma mater – none other than Eton College.

‘I was among people at Eton who ended up in jail,’ he tells the Independent, and the implication is that he’s not referring to the sort of hobbledehoys and ne’er-do-wells who recently set up an illegal encampment in the school’s grounds.

‘Wherever you go, you will be among people who vary from saints to sinners,’ he says, with the authority of one who has seen a bit of the world and knows what he’s talking about.

Now, in a daring example of thinking outside the box – or maybe just talking through his coat-tails – he has come up with a radical proposal.

Children in council care should be sent to Eton. Granted, they may find themselves surrounded by budding criminals, but we are not talking here of your common or garden villains.

As befits a top-drawer academy of crime, Eton produces a better class of criminal, and it is this kind of excellence that Letwin wishes to encourage.

A working party has been set up to look into the idea, which is described by the Indie as ‘off-beat’. Typical. And do they have a better idea?’

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