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Mummy’s Boy

by | 13th, October 2003

‘WE’RE not saying that students today are pathetic little wimps, but…well, they are, aren’t they?

A Fresher’s Hamper

Not only do their parents accompany them to interviews, and generally mollycoddle the little darlings, but now the Times brings news that “worried mothers” are using the internet to dispatch “comfort hampers” to their student offspring.

These ladies set up special accounts with supermarkets to make sure that the youngsters are kept in luxury.

“It’s a pain to go shopping and struggle back weighed down with carrier bags, so I wouldn’t eat this well if my mother didn’t organise it,” says Sam Sutcliffe, 20.

He chooses the list, then his mother weeds out “unhealthy” items like beer.

In place of alcohol go healthier alternatives and “a few necessities”, such as Pampers, dummies and a winter coat for teddy.’

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