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Shane On You

by | 13th, October 2003

‘IF the Government want to persuade youngsters to do more exercise, perhaps they should recommend Shane Richie’s fitness regimen.

Shane is always ready for a work-out

EastEnders’ Alfie Moon has just released his autobiography (unimaginatively entitled Rags To Richie), in which he relates how he lost his virginity at 12, enjoyed a seven-in-a-bed romp at the age of 16 and was once a gigolo at £20 a go.

No wonder it is, according to the Mirror (which has bought the serialisation rights), ‘the book they all wanted’.

And no wonder that the Sun runs a spoiler this morning with a three-page special about ‘the real Shane’, told by his ex-wife Coleen Nolan.

However, back to Shane and his three-step ‘get fit’ plan from his days as a Bluecoat at Pontins.

1. The seven-in-a-bed session happened in Great Yarmouth with a group of – surprise, surprise – six Essex girls, who called themselves The Sexy Six.

‘The next morning I woke up and realised I’d been used and spat out the other end,’ says Shane. ‘But guess what? I loved every minute of it.’

2. Shane worked as a gigolo to two women in their fifties, who would buy him clothes and give him money in return for his, er, time.

‘It never felt strange or sleazy,’ our hero says, ‘These were lonely ladies who simply wanted company.’

3. Shane had a competition with his mate Goz over who could sleep with the most women, but he was off the scale after spending the night with a mother and her daughter.

‘Before I had the chance to say anything, it was a free-for-all,’ he recalls. ‘A mum and a daughter? Forget the FA Cup, I’d just won the World Cup.’

It all sounds a lot more fun than compulsory sessions down at the gym.’

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