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My Life As A House

by | 13th, October 2003

‘HURRAH! It has been a long time since Anorak favourite Vanessa Feltz last took a deep breath and squeezed her elephantine frame between the covers of OK!

An advert for Dennis Duhaney’s personal training services

However, it has been worth the weight – not only is the human zeppelin back, but she is even bigger than ever.

‘Come on, we’ll do the interviews in my bedroom,’ chirps Nessie as a nervous OK! hack turns up at her north London home.

And minutes later, clad in a silky leopard-skin gown, she ‘turns glamour puss and sprawls across the kingsize bed, which is covered in a fake fur throw’.

It is an image to strike fear into the heart of men everywhere – that is except her personal trainer and boyfriend for the past three years Dennis Duhaney.

So how’s the human butter mountain’s fitness regime coming on?

‘I’m still training with Dennis at least six times a week,’ says Ness (although, judging by the pictures, her training sessions only involve lifting doughnuts from her plate to her mouth).

‘I cycle to work when I can, although I wobble from sheer fear of ending up under the wheels of juggernauts or buses!’

That’s nothing to the fear etched on the face of the juggernaut drivers or the bus passengers, terrified at ending up under a heaving mass of Feltz.

And what about her house, a Victorian Gothic folly which was built in 1850 and used to be owned by Charles Saatchi? Does she think it matches her personality?

‘I suppose so,’ she says. ‘It’s unpredictable, full of hidden surprises and you can’t tell what it’s like on the inside from how it looks on the outside.

‘It’s interesting and has charisma and charm.’

And it’s huge.’

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