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Split Genes

by | 14th, October 2003

‘IF Catherine Zeta Jones had tried the Martine McCutcheon diet after giving birth, the chances are that her husband would have collapsed with the exertion.

Richard Burton only managed four divorces

There are certain disadvantages to being married to a man 25 years your senior – and for Catherine having to follow the Atkins diet has been one of them.

But there are also certain advantages, not least the fact that Michael Douglas is one of the richest men in Hollywood.

No wonder then that the Welsh starlet is standing by her man, vowing to the Mail that she will never get divorced.

“I find divorces repulsive,” she says – an attitude which does her and her divorced husband the utmost credit.

“I will never get divorced, never.”

Of course, in Catherine’s case, it helps that there is more of an end in sight to her vow “’til death us do part” than with women who have married men their own age.

But just in case, the 34-year-old actress has signed a pre-nuptial agreement awarding her £1m per year she is married and £3m for every woman with whom Michael Douglas is unfaithful to his wife.

“It’s in my genes,” the ever more absurd Zeta Jones tells the Mail. “Look at other stars who have come from my area: Tom Jones has been married to Linda for 47 years despite having lots of affairs and Richard Burton never really got over Elizabeth Taylor.

“And Anthony Hopkins lived separately from his wife for six years before – after 29 years of marriage – he was able to bring himself to get a divorce.”

So, one serial adulterer, one man who divorced four times and another who has only divorced twice – so far. Time to look for some new genes, Catherine.’

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