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DBC Finlay’s Casebook

by | 15th, October 2003

‘DRUGS have been responsible for many of the country’s ills, but without them we would very likely not have had some great music written and some interesting children’s television produced.

Dirty But Clean

And now thanks to narcotics we have a new star. Roll up your sleeve, tie your belt round your arm and tap your wrist in a frenzy of delight for Peter “Dirty But Clean” Finlay, winner of this year’s Booker Prize for literary excellence.

Waving a copy of his work in one hand, the man who toils under the nom de plume DBC Pierre, last night climbed onto a London stage to collect his award and with it a cheque for £50,000.

And so to the speech, as reproduced by the Guardian’s front page. “As Lloyd Bridges said, ‘I think I picked the wrong week to give up sniffing glue’.”

After that, 42-year-old DBC Pierre vowed that he’d see none of the money and instead pay it to the people he owes it to. “I am going to pay some debts to see if I can sleep better tonight.”

Or the former drug addict could just keep the lot and buy sleeping pills and the complete works of Jeffrey Archer.

That should see him down and out for a fortnight.’

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