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Bring It On

by | 15th, October 2003

‘BY now you should have formalised some answer to the question we posed earlier: ‘What next for the Fame Academy Stars?’

Send in the clown

You can post in your entries to the usual address, but be warned that we at Anorak only listen to good news and anyone spouting nonsense about singers being throttled by their own vocal chords or falling off the end of Welsh piers in summer seasons needn’t bother writing in.

By way of a pointer to the way ahead, Fame Academy ‘winner’ Alex Parks is paying a visit back to her home village of Mount Hawke in Cornwall and satisfying her passion for ‘a cup of tea and some beans on toast with cheese on top’.

After that our vision of life for Alex gets a bit hazy.

The fog begins to lift when one page on readers get to see Carolynne Good and Alistair Griffin, who came third and second respectively to the aforesaid Alex.

Alistair has just recorded a single called Lover’s Prayer with Robin Gibb no less.

And following the interview with Hello!, he’s off to record his first solo single, Bring It On, a tune he wrote himself.

And like Alistair, Carolynne has achieved her lifetime’s ambition and become a singer-songwriter.

‘It’s not easy,’ says Carolynne. ‘There you are on stage in front of millions of people. And you have to be prepared for that knock-down. If you deal with that you can deal with anything.’

Which means these micro-talented singers should be able to take in their strides anything you can throw their way.

So scratch that earlier call for good news only and, as Alistair says, Bring It On. They’ll thank you for it in the end.’

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