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Loyalty, Honesty, Fairness

by | 15th, October 2003

‘HOLD the back page! Gary Neville, the slightly less slack-jawed half of football’s Neville brothers, is talking to the Times about his decision to support a fellow professional “found guilty without trial”.

One in the eye for English football

Oh, it is so very dramatic. Who would have thought that humble Gary would be such a champion of justice, helping to solve The Case of The Rio Drug Test?

He’s even penned the article in the Times himself – well, no one else has put their name to it, so he must have.

“Ask me what qualities distinguish the English and I would say honesty, fairness, hard work and loyalty,” says Gary, who tells us that the English football team live to those noble pillars of yeomanry.

And it follows – at least, to Gary it does – that Rio Ferdinand deserves a hearing before people started passing sentence. Sound fair? Loyal? Honest?

If you have not already come down on Gary’s side, then his line that “other players have missed drugs tests and not been banned” must see you four square behind England’s best defender in curly wig and silks.

Or not. What does he mean others have missed drugs tests? Who? And why have they not too been hauled before the FA’s beak.

Failure to take a drugs test when requested to is a breach of the rules. End of.

The FA is, as the Independent reports, not paying much heed to Neville’s impassioned defence of his mate.

It seems that the issue has taken on international relevance and Fifa will step in if they consider the FA’s punishment of Ferdinand too lenient.

That’s bad news for Gary Neville QC. Who knows what those pesky foreigners at Fifa HQ will do? They’re about as un-English as you can get. Rio will get the rope for sure.

One thing that is for certain in football is that Chelsea are very much in the hunt for the Premiership crown. Last night, as the Telegraph reports, the Blues drew 0-0 at Birmingham and climbed to the top of the table.

On Saturday they take on second placed Arsenal in a battle of English football.

To the winner, the spoils – the loyalty, the honesty and the fairness…’

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