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by | 16th, October 2003

‘YOU will have to excuse the Anglican Church for not launching an internal investigation into God’s impact on our rail network because they are all too busy talking to each other.

Rt. Rev. October

The Guardian reports that the leaders of the worldwide Anglican communion have been locked in discussion in Lambeth Palace debating homosexual rights.

This story calls to mind the Hamlet quote about the lady protesting too much.

Does it not seem odd to all that a group of 37 men should spend two days debating the whys and wherefores of homosexuality?

We simply say to the men that this is not the dawn of time or the 1950s but 21st century Britain and, if a primate wants to monkey around with another man, then that’s his own affair.

That done and dusted, we ask the men of God to turn their attention to the question of the day and explain why, if God moves in mysterious ways, the 8:35 Paddington to Plymouth is still parked on the track outside Slough?

Answers in the form of a prayer to the usual address.’

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