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by | 17th, October 2003

‘IF psychologists are paid to state the bleedin’ obvious, then it follows that psychology lecturers are paid to teach people to state the bleedin’ obvious.

Cliff Richard II

And media-friendly psychology lecturers, like Grant Jeffrey, of Napier University, are paid to teach people to state the bleedin’ obvious…in print.

Mr Jeffrey is called upon this morning to pass comment on the Express’ exclusive story that Robbie Williams is too camp to conquer the United States.

It’s not the Express that is saying so, but one of the US’s leading female stars, Sheryl Crow.

“There’s a camp element to Robbie that’s too threatening to Americans,” she tells the paper.

“American men don’t want to see anything that’s burlesque or vaudevillian, they want to feel that their artist is brooding and macho.”

As evidence, she cites the likes of Eminem, 50 Cent and even Justin Timberlake, men who are “so aggro they don’t even look like rock stars”.

The Express says 29-year-old Williams has done little to scotch rumours about his sexuality, even appearing recently on the front cover of the US gay magazine, The Advocate.

And this is where our media-friendly psychologist comes in to suggest that Robbie Williams’ reluctance to reveal his true sexuality may be a shrewd move on his part.

“This may be the action of an agent provocateur,” he says. “By keeping people guessing about his sexuality, he may be sending out a message that he does not care if people think he is gay or not gay.”

Congratulations, Mr Jeffrey. You are the first recipient of Anorak’s inaugural No Shit Sherlock award for stating the bleedin’ obvious.’

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