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Trick Or Treat

by | 20th, October 2003

‘HALLOWE’EN is a great time for nasties and undesirables. It’s a night when youthful types cover their faces with acne and ring on doorbells, demanding sweets, cash and video recorders with menaces.

‘Let’s take it to a field and set it on fire’

But in Merseyside’s Knowsley ward things will be quieter this October 31st if the council gets its way and sends 50 troublemakers out of the area to Alton Towers.

The Express has heard about the proposed trip, which comes at a price of £2,000, and solicited the opinion of politicians and taxpayers, the latter who will pick up the tab.

Before them, a word from Tony Harvey, from Knowsley Council’s, social inclusion unit.

“Taking these youths out for the day and bringing them back exhausted after a positive experience will make a difference to Mischief Night,” says he.

And while we mull over the benefits of forming a 50-strong gang of miscreants and pumping them full of adrenalin and candy floss, pensioner Lawrence Fisher, who has spent a lifetime waiting to be asked his opinion on such matters, speaks out.

“The last thing these thugs deserve is a free handout,” he says. “It should be the other way round. The council should be paying for the victims of crime to be taken away on a trip.”

At least all sides can agree on one thing: they all want an excuse to get out of Knowsley.’

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