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Bye-Bye DS

by | 20th, October 2003

‘WE live in a country whose favourite poem is Rudyard Kipling’s If, whose Greatest Briton is Sir Winston Churchill and whose favourite book is likely to be Pride And Prejudice.

‘And I’ll still be in this job come Christmas’

If that is an indictment on the country’s artistic and historical taste, at least some instincts of the British people should be applauded.

One of which is that Iain Duncan Smith has got about as much chance of moving into 10 Downing Street as Ulrika Jonsson has of moving into Vanessa Feltz’s spare room.

In fact, the chances of Duncan Smith being in charge of his own party, let alone the country, at Christmas are receding faster than his hair ever did.

The Independent reports that the Tory leader is facing growing pressure from within his party to submit himself to a vote of confidence.

Former whip Derek Conway added his voice to that of Sir Patrick Cormack in calling for IDS to “lance the boil” of discontent within the party’s ranks.

“There’s a growing feeling of ‘It’s got to end; we’ve had enough of this; it’s got to end one way or another’,” Mr Conway said.

Former Trade & Industry spokesman Crispin Blunt was another who said Duncan Smith should emulate John Major’s ‘Back me or sack me’ stance.

Mr Blunt said IDS had to show he had the support of the parliamentary party, and called the row over payments to his wife (Betsygate) “a complete red herring”.

So that’s why it smells so fishy…’

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