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The Blaine Drain

by | 20th, October 2003

‘COULD you go for 44 day without food? Of course it depends on how fat you are to start with, what the reserves are like. But could you?

How many meals a day?

Until yesterday David Blaine was trying to see if he could. Or make that, he’d been trying to see if we believe he could.

Blaine is an illusionist, and when one of that type tells you he’s going to sit in a box for 44 days and not eat you should scratch your chin and invoke the memory of Jimmy Hill.

Tonight at 9pm Channel 4 will broadcast Blaine’s re-emergence into decent society, albeit one peopled with eggs throwers, chest flashers and those who tried to poison his water supply.

And we at home will wonder what we have learned from this experience.

Never ones to applaud the hooligan element, it is though undeniable that there has been something heartening in watching and reading about the British reaction to a self-aggrandising show off.

Ladies and gentlemen have your rotten eggs and tomatoes at the ready, the ego has landed.’

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