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Putting The Mochas On

by | 21st, October 2003

‘TONY Blair’s popularity rating with the country at large may be similar to Mr Heinz’s popularity rating with his housemates when he was trying out his baked beans recipes, but there seems little prospect of his moving out of Downing Street in the near future.

An artist’s impression of the would-be murder weapon

In fact, such is our beloved leader’s political genius that he has even managed to spin Sunday’s heart scare to his advantage.

For we read on the front page of the Independent that coffee was to blame for the heart palpitations Mr Blair suffered at the weekend, and not just any coffee. European coffee.

A Blair aide tells the Indy: ‘He is saying that he drank a lot of coffee at the summit. He obviously felt the need for it to keep him going.

‘It is possible that he had too much strong Continental coffee. Perhaps he should have stuck to herbal tea.’

In other words, our perfidious European neighbours tried to do to Blair what the Tories (twice) and Gordon Brown (on countless occasions) have failed to do, namely hasten his demise.

But wouldn’t it be ironic if a loyal aide succeeded where the combined might of France, Germany and Italy had failed.

A Prime Minister who drinks herbal tea? The very thought of it sends shivers down the spine.’

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